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Meet The Team

We invite you to undertake and work hard on life’s challenges and difficulties with us, individually, relationships, or families

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 Andreea Maries

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Do you ever feel like anxiety and stress are your constant companions, invading your thoughts, even at the most inconvenient of times? Perhaps you're worried about the impact these concerns may have on your relationships, self-criticisms or day-to-day enjoyment. You've likely explored various avenues to find relief, and it takes great vulnerability to seek an external resource - which brings you here today. If this sounds familiar, please know that I have related to the weight of these challenges, and I'm here to support you in improving your relationships, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

Andreea is Available:

Monday: 2pm - 7pm

Tuesday:​ 2pm - 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 2pm

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Jessica Blake

Registered Psychologist and
Certified Sex Therapist

Jessica Blake is a Registered Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist in Edmonton, Alberta.

She believes in a clear, direct, no-nonsense approach to life, life’s challenges, and when working with clients. Yet, she also understands the power of humour and believes that counseling can be fun. 

Jessica's clinic days are

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for availability

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Kassie Magyar

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Kassie joins the team specializing in children and youth. Kassie comes with a wealth of knowledge from her extensive history working with children and youth. From running summer camps to being a longstanding volunteer Girl Guide leader, Kassie has experienced supporting children and youth while building resiliency and confidence.

Kassie is Available:

Tuesday: 2pm - 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 2pm

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Shillon Ryan

Student Clinician

Shillon is a dynamic and enthusiastic student clinician with an abundance of diverse professional and personal life experiences.


From working her way up and through the oil and gas industry as a laborer to an executive, Shillon understands the rewards of hard work, tenacity and persistence.  Being a mature student with a multi- faceted background, Shillon easily connects with many different types of people. She creates an environment for healing that is warm, non-judgemental, and accepting. 

Shillon is  Currently on Sabbatical
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Taylor Tymchyshyn

Registered Psychologist

Taylor is an outstanding Registered  Psychologist, with a highly keen sense of intuition, and an indomitable energy for helping others, including: Individuals, Couples, & Families.  

Taylor is Available:

Monday: 4pm - 8pm

Tuesday: 2pm - 7pm

Wednesday: 2pm - 7pm​​

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Kim-Mia Rudiger-Prybylski

Office Manager

Kim has an outstanding professional career working with client sensitive care, management, and business. She has been the office manager for different “client centred health orientated” businesses and services, and treats everyone that she interacts with, with the utmost respect, care, and compassion.

We are available either in-person or via video conferencing. With the assistance of video conferencing we can work with clients from all over Alberta. We are there for you to help with your concerns in the area of Sexual Health and Sex Therapy, Individual and Couples Counseling. We are also able to help you with Assessments for all age groups.

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