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Meet Jessica

Jessica Blake is a Registered Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist in Edmonton, Alberta.

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My Story

Growing up on a farm and working in the oilfield before coming to psychology gives Jessica the authentic life experience THAT HER CLIENTS APPRECIATE. It is not just textbook regurgitation, which makes her approachable and easy to talk to.

She learned many life lessons and life philosophies on the farm that have influenced how she views the world, interacts with people, and works as a professional. She believes in a clear, direct, no-nonsense approach to life, life’s challenges, and when working with clients. Yet, she also understands the power of humour and believes that counseling can be fun. It is her primary goal for her clients to get well and be happy. She also believes that laughter is part of the solution.

Jessica treats clients with the same compassion, kindness, fairness, direction, and openness that she would desire from any other professional or tradesperson: This is the problem, here are the different ways that it can be fixed, these are the pros and cons, select an option and fix it. When clients are asked to describe her approach, “Direct”, “Sincere”, “Humorous” and “Compassionate” are often the words that are used.

Counseling is a team effort, and like any team, it works best working together. One learns to work hard, growing up on the farm, and she invites her clients to work hard together with her on the issues because working together, she truly believes there is nothing that cannot be overcome, achieved or changed into a positive direction.

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She completed her undergraduate in a Bachelor of Arts (honours) at MacEwan University, where she completed her first study in Human Sexuality. She was then afforded the opportunity to pursue and advance her research into Human Sexuality while completing her Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology at the University of Alberta in 2014.

Chemical Engineering Technology - NAIT

Bachelor of Arts (honours) - MacEwan University

Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology - University of Alberta,  2014

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The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others.

Erik Erikson

Phone:  780-652-1695

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