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Meet Shillon

Shillon is a Student Clinician Psychologist under the supervision of Jessica Blake..

Shillon is a dynamic and enthusiastic student clinician, with  a wealth of diverse professional and personal life experiences. She is always looking forward, with courage and a wisdom, that only comes from a wealth of past experience. From working her way up and through the oil and gas industry as a laborer to an executive, Shillon understands the rewards of hard work, tenacity and persistence.  Being a mature student with a multifaceted background, Shillon easily connects with many different types of people. She creates an environment for healing that is warm, non-judgemental, and accepting. 

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My Story

Hailing from rural Alberta, Shillon grew up as the eldest child of a large family. Her worldview was profoundly shaped by having a brother with a severe disability. She credits this experience with instilling the belief that every individual has unique abilities and are equally deserving of a life of love and purpose. Travelling the world has cultivated an open mind to different cultural views and provided many opportunities for self reflection.   

She believes that instilling hope is the first step to facilitating change and works collaboratively to help clients make tangible steps to solve issues and reach goals. Shillon builds off client’s strengths and provides strong support and encouragement throughout the therapeutic process. In her view, humor, laughter, and an element of fun, are an important part in creating a comfortable environment for growth.  

Shillon is passionate about women’s and couples’ health, concentrating her studies in peri-natal health, sexuality, and infertility. She is Gottman trained and uniquely positioned to work with couples given her background in conflict resolution and work experience in a traditionally male dominated industry. Notably, she will be facilitating group programs aimed at strengthening relationships in preparation for welcoming a child into a couple’s life. 

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Shillon has completed her bachelor of Arts, undergraduate studies at the U of A. She is currently excelling in her Masters of Counseling Graduate level training at City University of Seattle.

Shillon’s Clients:

  • Benefit from her wealth of professional and personal experience outside of psychology, offering unique perspectives.

  • Experience her wonderful sense of humor and deep sense of compassion.

  • Her experience in conflict resolution, career coaching, adult education, and assessment.

  • Find benefits in their every day lives, mental health and relationships.

  • Shillon will be running an expectant mother’s group, and has many resources available in the community to help couples who are expecting or looking to conceive.

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prospective56 GettyImages-1171755644 copy.jpg
prospective56 GettyImages-1171755644 copy.jpg


“We are what we are because we have been what we have been, and what is needed for solving the problems of human life and motives is not moral estimates but more knowledge.” –Sigmund Freud

Currently on Sabbatical

Phone:  780-652-1695

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