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Adult ADHD. Effects on Quality of Life.

Updated: May 29

Our understanding of adult ADHD and how it affects the quality of life has been shifting significantly over the last several years.


As I have been discussing in my previous blogs, our understanding of adult ADHD has rapidly and significantly shifted over the last several years. But ADHD doesn’t just stop at affecting our relationships and job performance.

ADHD and the quality of your life depicted by a woman standing in the shower in a fur coat using the shower head as a phone receiver

Here are some last areas to consider when thinking about an ADHD diagnosis.


  1. Education: ADHD symptoms can affect academic performance, making it challenging to concentrate, study effectively, and complete assignments on time. otherwise known as:

  2. Financial Management: Impulsivity and difficulty with long-term planning may lead to problems with budgeting, saving, and managing finances.

  3. Daily Responsibilities: Adults with ADHD may find it hard to stay organized and complete routine tasks such as paying bills, maintaining a clean living space, or remembering appointments.

  4. Physical Health: Poor impulse control and difficulties with self-regulation can lead to unhealthy habits such as overeating, substance abuse, or neglecting exercise.

  5. Mental Health: ADHD often coexists with other mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression, which can exacerbate symptoms and impact overall well-being.

  6. Driving and Safety: Impulsivity and inattention can increase the risk of accidents and injuries, particularly when driving or operating machinery.

  7. Self-esteem and Confidence: Struggling with ADHD symptoms can lead to feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and a sense of failure, impacting overall confidence and self-image.

  8. Social Functioning: Impulsivity, inattention, and difficulty with social cues can make it challenging to build and maintain friendships, leading to feelings of isolation or loneliness.


Jessica Blake Registered Psychologist

So again, I urge anyone reading these blogs, searching for help, assistance, and effective treatments, to contact us today. While ADHD can affect the quality of various aspects of life, with proper support, treatment, and coping strategies, individuals can learn to manage symptoms effectively and lead fulfilling lives. We are here to help!!!!!

Come heal, grow and create together

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P.S. this is BLOG 100, thanks for sticking with us.


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