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Building Connections. The Ultimate Survival Guide.

I feel like November is just a good time to sit back, reflect on our lives...

look forward to Christmas and Holiday Seasons, maybe get a little bit of shopping done, but otherwise engage in lazy Sunday afternoon dinners with friends and family. But where does this desire to reflect come from?

Well, mammals are a group of vertebrate animals known for their memory glands, neocortex, fur or hair, and 3 middle ear bones. However, I think what truly sets mammals apart is their ability to form relationships based on family connections and heredity, in passing that information on from generation, to generation, to generation. Of course, there are always variations between species and within species, yet the general principle remains valid.

Within these groups, there is a grouping called primates and great apes and within this grouping there is a particular species known as, Homo Sapiens or “Wise Man” or “Knowledgeable Man”. Yet I do not believe this is the most fitting term to describe us. I would’ve pitched my vote for Homo Coniunctionis, or Human that Bonds (or perhaps Homo Vinculum – my Latin is awful), because that is what we do, we bond… and we do it extraordinarily well. (Plus, many would argue that we’re not incredibly wise… But that is for another blog).

If a person were so inclined, they could write an entire nomenclature for mental health based around the concept of connection,

where we see mental health disorders and illness there is a lack of connection either with ourselves or with people around us, or with our environments. For example, the predominant theory on addiction states that when people lack adequate connections around them, they will bond with whatever it is they are addicted to. And of course, we have an epidemic based around device addiction. The same could be said with parenting, as many childhood mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and acting out, all line up with different parenting styles. But of course, it is easier to blame the child’s behaviour on depression or ADHD, than a parenting style which of course affects Connection. Even workplace happiness is affected by the connection between management and employees. The more supported employees feel by management, the more productive and happier they are. Or even soldiers in the battlefield. When they see the commanding officers on the front lines, talking with them and interacting with them, they can become more passionate and devoted to their cause. But when their commanders are hundreds of miles away in warm offices, they can easily become completely disenfranchised.

The better connections that we have with the people around us, the happier we will all be.

The point is, no matter who we are, or where we are, the better connections that we have with the people around us, the happier we will all be. After all, even from our earliest ancestors, survival was based on connections to the group…

It reminds me of all the big harvests on the farm where you would have cousins and family members operating combine, after combine, after combine and grain truck, after grain truck, after grain truck, with food and supplies and tools being shipped out to the fields at all hours of the night and day to get the harvest in. No one can do it alone.

Come heal, grow and create together


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