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Halloween is the Perfect time for Dress up and Erotism …

Sex & Intimacy start in the Heart and Mind!

Even for people who say they never have fantasies, when we think of sex and intimacy, we often think of past, present or future possibilities – and those get our motors running! So why is that?

The brain is the Largest Sex Organ in the human body.

Sex & Intimacy starts in the brain, and the brain has to be enticed. After the initial stage of passionate love & lust dissipates, the brain often needs more for seduction than our partner(s) starfishing it naked on the bed (Although I am sure some would dispute this!).

So, how do we build Seduction and Enticement in the bedroom? Personally, I love Halloween! (Although for some of us, any day can be Halloween). Dressing up and exploring Role plays are a time-tested and fantastic way to build creativity, and curiosity in the bedroom. It allows many of us to use different parts of our brain, that many of us do not use during our 9-5 jobs, daily life, chores, etc. I speak, of course, of our Imagination!!!!

Our imaginations are powerful landscapes filled with Creativity, Wonder, Inspiration, Ingenuity, and Cleverness.

By tapping into this playful, exotic land, we can build sweet loving intimate desires, or devious, diabolical, and deviant debaucheries, to satisfy the Evilest, Twisted, Warped, and Decadent Desires…. You know, Halloween Style.

So, for Halloween, dress up, try new things, try new Evil and Twisted Desires, unleash some fun sexual desires, and explore them! Allow them to take root, and grow in our minds, and blossom into fun experiences that we can share with ourselves and our partner(s) – All through Imagination!

Even tantric sex starts in the brain.

If our brains expect something to be amazing, and if we think it will be amazing, it will be amazing! When it isn’t, we often get confused. So, make sure to water those Kinky, Fun, Evil, and Twisted Fantasies, and Dressing up and Role Plays are a great way to Ignite Erotism.

As we said on the farm at suppertime, try anything on your plate at least once!

So be a Try-Sexual, Try anything once!

Come heal, grow and create together



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