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FOUR WAYS to make those New Year’s Resolutions “stick”

New Year’s Resolutions


Let’s talk, New Year’s Resolutions. No matter what the resolution or goal is, one common denominator is often: why can’t I stick to it? It’s simple to keep it going for a week or two, but towards the end of January, it becomes hard to upkeep. Here are some strategies that may be helpful in keeping those going!


New Year’s Resolutions Your Time is Now

One: make it something you WANT to do, not a chore!

I can’t stress this enough. Yes, you do need discipline to keep up with your goals, but you don’t want it to feel like a punishment. Us humans thrive off of something called “reinforcement”. Not to get too psychology on you (but I do highly recommend looking into behavioural psychology – it’s pretty cool), if we treat ourselves once in awhile and make it a really good time (this is called intermittent positive reinforcement), this will increase the likelihood that we will keep it going in the future. So, treat yourself to that fancy coffee after your workout at the end of the week, you earned it!


Two: ensure it is something that you can make space for in your regular routine. 

Listen, I want to be able to run a marathon one day, but I can’t just run 20 or even 10 kilometers every day because that just doesn’t fit in my busy schedule! It might be helpful to sit down and look at what would be doable within your regular routine and build from there. Maybe going to the gym for an hour isn’t feasible. Maybe it’s 15 minutes and that is okay! Again, you don’t want it to feel like a chore, so make sure that it is something that won’t feel like a burden in your current schedule. On that note, it’s sometimes good to break things down into smaller, mini goals. Think about how much more attainable it would be to cut out having your donut with your morning coffee first rather than changing your entire diet to be carb free. Right? (more on that next!)


Three: when planning out your resolution, think about SMART goals.

If you’re not familiar with SMART goals, it’s a simple way to plan for a goal that is practical. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure, so remember to make something that is doable for you and your routines.

                S – Specific (make your goal specific and narrow)

                M – Measurable (make sure your goal and progress are measurable)

                A – Attainable (make sure you can reasonably accomplish your goal)

                R – Relevant (your goal should align with your values)

                T – Time-based (set a realistic but ambitious date)


Four: don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the tracks!

We’re all human, and we are all bound to make mistakes. If you find that you fall off the tracks once in awhile, please remind yourself that it is okay! It’s so important to treat ourselves with kindness and forgiveness, and to dust ourselves off and get back up out there. Don’t worry if you missed a week in the gym. No matter the excuse, start fresh the next day and keep back in your routine. You’ve got this!


Kassie Magyar | Registered Provisional Psychologist

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