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Naughty or Nice. Holiday Survival Guide.

Part 2. Naughty.

I think one of the cleverest aspects of the holiday season is the concept of Santa Claus and his ability to determine who is naughty or nice… (Apparently by watching us while we are awake and while we are sleeping). The concept is clearly designed for children who are taught to believe that "if you’re nice you get presents and if you are naughty, you get coal." But what about those of us kids who not only wanted coal but wanted to see just how much coal we could get?

Perhaps we can borrow another theme from the holiday spirit which includes leaving cookies and milk out for Santa Claus. Perhaps as a way of saying thank you for his generosity, or maybe, just maybe as a way to entice him to leave extra special gifts and holiday cheer. Well, I for one, recommend that every holiday season, we take a little evil glee in setting up that mistletoe, as well as perhaps some milk and cookies or sugar and spice, to entice our partners to come and participate in our naughty fantasies (perhaps even inviting someone to come and watch).

The holidays create a hectic schedule filled with family and friend gatherings, joy and cheer, and hectic holiday shopping, in fact so much so, that it is enough to suck the joy and cheer out of the holidays!

Therefore, along with our holiday boundaries, I suggest scheduling in time for sugar and spice and everything nice - and maybe even some milk and cookies. It is a great time to pull out some candles, the great excuse to turn off the Christmas music and swap over to something more salaciously seductive, crawl into our own little red outfits (or whatever), and hang some mistletoe above whatever body parts we feel may need attention. My goal every Christmas season is to be naughty enough that I can essentially keep my home stocked up with the amount of coal that Santa Claus has to give me!

So, take a few moments, sit back and relax, think of some of those naughty holiday fantasies, and see how much time can be scheduled in for them.

As we said on the farm, Santa Claus only comes once a year. Luckily, you can - oh wait. Totally Inappropriate!!! (Where’s that coal?!)

Come heal, grow and create together


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