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Naughty or Nice. Holiday Survival Guide.

Part 3 – Anticipation.

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated events of the holiday season is the amazing appetites we develop just daydreaming about the delicious food we are going to devour. In fact, those fantasies we have around food ignite our imagination, tease our senses and drive our desires. In fact, the vast amount of joy that comes from consuming those foods is from the buildup of anticipation that those fantasies create. So just daydreaming of that succulent, juicy, turkey, with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato pie, all smothered in gravy… Is enough to make us salivate and our tummies rumble…

Or perhaps another metaphor. How many of us are looking forward to a special holiday gift from a loved one? How many of us remember those special family times sitting around a particular tree, exchanging gifts, and waiting with anticipation and joy, to finally lay our hands on that present, rip off the wrapping paper, and relish the joy that comes with receiving that gift that we look forwarded to, perhaps all year!! It is enough to drive us wild with anticipation, prevent us from sleeping the night before, and wake everybody up before the crack of dawn… just to open those gifts… how the joy of the universe could be found underneath the tree…

Anticipation drives desire. Even if reality falls short of what we anticipate, we will distort that reality, to make it worth our while and match those expectations. And yet there is one area that we often forget to ignite our imaginations and desires. During the holiday season, I always encourage my clients to set some extra time aside underneath the mistletoe, and to use our sexual fantasies to ignite sexual desires, and energize our anticipation into overdrive. Sexual fantasies, are no different than the fantasies we covet regarding those delicious holiday meals, or for those fantastic childhood toys. (Although perhaps in this case we should be talking about adult toys).

Using sexual fantasies, we increase our sexual desires, igniting our sexual passions and our overall enjoyment. Setting time aside for some saucy little outfits, bringing some milk and cookies into the bedroom, creating that sexual energy, will allow for some well-earned delicious deviant and decadent debaucheries, which will eventually refuel us to get us through the holidays and well into the new year.

As we said on the farm growing up, what’s wrong with a little bit of coal? It can definitely be useful, and if you take enough of it, under enough pressure, temperature and time, you get diamonds.

Come heal, grow and create together


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