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What does your Open Relationship Look Like

Polyamory, A Throuple, Open Marriage, Relationship Anarchy.......

What brand is your Open Relationship.  Four people embracing.

Every relationship is as unique as the individuals that form the relationship, no matter if it is non-monogamous or monogamous. Every individual has unique personality traits, comfort zones, orientations, backgrounds, dreams, hopes, ideas, and various other factors that create an extraordinarily unique landscape. Navigating this terrain, can be difficult for many individuals, especially as they join together to form any type of relationship with one another. Not only that, but the environment that the relationship exists in, is constantly changing, creating additional complex factors to which the relationship must respond adapt and overcome.

There are no set rules or conditions that inherently govern any relationship. Relationships are free to exist in any capacity that we deem necessary based on our own personal choices. And our personal choices will be directly linked back to our unique personality traits as highlighted above. These complex interactions between factors substantially influence us every minute of everyday, and yet many of them exist in our subconscious, so deep that we may not even always be aware of them.

Open relationships are constructed based on personal zones of comfort. From there, we can even start to construct the world’s most complicated Venn diagram. For example, are we comfortable with our partner’s are developing emotions or feelings for someone else? How do we feel about communication between our partner and other potential people? Do we prefer group text messages or one-on-one communications? How do we navigate the landscape between fairly unattached anonymous sexual encounters versus sexual encounters with a certain degree of emotional bonding, perhaps on par with friendship, to deeper levels of emotional connection and poly relationships? (These questions are by no means exhaustive and serve only as starting points).

As we start to answer these questions, we will soon discover where our comfort zones are, and how we wish to proceed in open relationships. These Zones of Comfort then dictate the types of relationships we will feel most comfortable in and satisfied by. However. Discovering the answers to those questions, and the dynamic, forever changing nature, also becomes added complexities that need to be navigated.

picture of Jessica Blake in Mexico

As we said on the farm growing up, “everything is always changing, no matter what, and once you think you have it figured out, it will change again just to mess with you”.

Come heal, grow and create together

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