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PRIDE in our Sexuality

We can all have Pride in our Sexuality: Straight, Queer, Kinky, & ENM

“What is peculiar to modern societies, in fact, is not only that they consigned sex to a shadow existence, but that they dedicated themselves to speaking of it ad infinitum, while exploiting it as the secret.” Michel Foucault

One of the little-known hypotheses in Sexual Psychology is the Repressive Hypothesis of human sexuality put forth by Mr. Michel Foucault, and yet, its implications are enormous.

Jessica Blake PRIDE 2022

Repressive Hypothesis

Many people growing up in the world today have their Sexual Beliefs influenced by external events, such as culture, tradition, religion, society, television, pornography, movies, and music. Our sexuality becomes defined by our environment, and our environment always informs our perceptions. Therefore, our environment changes our own perception of our sexuality but also how we perceive, accept, or judge others for their sexuality. Unfortunately, many of us grow up to fear, ostracize, or even judge other forms of sexuality that we do not deem to be “appropriate,” “normal,” or “right.” – Hence, the Repressive Hypothesis.

Unfortunately, these perceptions based on our environments can often colour the way we view human sexuality as a whole. But we do not have to be bound to a specific way of examining an event or an experience.

Pride an event based largely for the LGBTQ+ community?

Many people consider Pride to be an event based largely for the LGBTQ+ community, and associate the rainbow flag with this community. But Pride does not – and dare I say should not – be limited to a rather narrow definition. Pride could be expanded to cover ALL of human sexuality, and to have Pride in our sexual diversity. Of course, many advocates would be concerned that sexual minorities will be lost in the dominant culture once again, but I only wish to present a perception where everyone can be included.

I propose that Pride itself can be a reminder to EVERYONE that we do not have to be bound by shame, humiliation, or repression. That we can celebrate our sexuality, that we can celebrate who we are, and even more importantly, who we love. Pride is for everyone because at the end of the day, everyone is sexual (or nonsexual), everyone has a—kinky or not—fantasy (or two hundred [per day]), even though what we consider kinky may not be kinky to other people, or what we think of a sex and intimacy may not be the same for everybody – and that’s totally cool. So, Celebrate it! Let your Straight, Queer, Kinky, ENM, - Freak Flag Fly and Enjoy It!

And if you grew up on a farm, who didn’t have sex in the Hay Loft of a barn?

Come heal, grow and create together


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