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Seduction is like Creating an Appetite - Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

For many people, Valentine’s Day marks the day of passion, lust, sensuality, intimacy, and carnal sexual desires.

And for others, it simply marks another day of the week. But for those of us who are hoping to engage in decadent and deviant debaucheries, the question becomes, how do we seduce our partners into the bedroom? Kitchen? Dungeon? Etc?

When we talk about sex, we often forget the most important part, that is, everything before sex!!!! For example, what did we do to seduce our partners in the days and nights leading up to the night we finally want to get laid? For example, if our partner really likes foot rubs, did we provide a foot rub or purchase a pedicure? Do we only do this one night a year? Or do we make it part of our ongoing seduction and intimacy throughout the month before and after those big fun nights?

Most sex therapists will tell you that seduction begins during the aftercare and cuddling from the last time we had sex. In fact, the more seductive effort we put in between sexual encounters increases the chances for you to have more sex when you want it. It’s kind of like keeping the engine idling - without the environmental damage of course.

What is seduction anyway? Well, I always encourage people to think of seduction as encouraging an appetite. For example, if I want to develop an appetite, all I really need to do is think of my favourite foods until one of them makes me salivate and my tummy rumble. Just like food, sex has many different flavours, favourites, aromas and spices. Creating an appetite for sex is the equivalent of creating the tastes and aromas in the kitchen that can also bring us into the bedroom. And just like creating an outstanding meal, with fresh ingredients, with forethought, effort and all the planning that goes into it, sex can be the same.

So, this Valentine’s Day, I encourage everyone to think about the energy that they create and bring into their sex lives, the ways and opportunities to say yes, creating stable environments, and most of all creating a bedroom that is so enticing that our partners cannot help but be seduced!!!

As we said on the farm, never mind, that was way too inappropriate for this…

Come heal, grow and create together


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