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So, What is Sex and Intimacy Counseling Anyways?

Sex and intimacy counselling is a highly specialized, highly intimate area of counselling.

Many clients are amazed to discover just how many different people in relationships struggle to maintain healthy levels of sex and intimacy in their lives.

As you have likely heard, sex is 90% of a relationship when you’re not having it, and 10% of the relationship when you are.

Sex and intimacy counselling provides a safe and secure environment for people to explore their innermost thoughts, desires, needs, wants, and fantasies in healthy ways, and share them with the people that they choose to be intimate with if they so desire. Many clients are often surprised by just how beneficial even minor adjustments and enhancements to their sexual lives can create.

Sex and intimacy counselling not only helps with better sex and more satisfaction with sex, but it can ....decrease blood pressure and hypertension... amongst other things!

Sex and intimacy counselling also helps individuals overcome many forms of sexual dysfunctions, sexual disorders, uncomfortable or previous traumatic sexual experiences, dealing with and eliminating internalized homophobia and other forms of internalized sexual stigmas, to essentially discovering our sexual selves.

Although many psychologists and counsellors will offer some forms of sex therapy, it is highly recommended that you seek out individuals that have been specially trained in this area and have put in the time and energy required to fully understand the impact of both sexual interventions, and the effect that healthy sex lives can have on people.

Sex and intimacy counselling not only helps with better sex and more satisfaction with sex, but it can enhance libido, sexual desire, sexual pleasure and satisfaction, a better understanding of who we are as people, increases in physical and mental health, decreases in blood pressure and hypertension, and allows us to have something really special, fun, and positive to look forward to on the weekend – or everyday when sex becomes difficult, desire often deteriorates, it becomes easier to sit at home and watch TV, or avoid the bedroom.

Many people will eventually seek sex and intimacy counselling when they are tired of the same old same old routine, and want to recapture that spark between them and their partner(s), and reclaim the bedroom.

Sex therapy is one of the most difficult topics for any individual, or individuals to explore in counselling. But as we said on the farm, if it is not hard, is probably not worth doing.

Come heal, grow and create together


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