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Speaking of Fantasy Bonding and Fantasies. Halloween Awaits…

And now that one of my favourite holidays has not come to an end, I get to look forward with great anticipation and enthusiasm towards my favourite time of year. Halloween…

In many ways Halloween embodies what it means to be human better than any other holiday. Halloween entices us to participate in our imaginations for dressing up, role-playing, and engaging in theatre, drama, and art. Halloween encourages us to gather together, with the exchange of treats, food, parties and other erotic fantasies…

For many of us, Halloween encapsulates The Spicey, The Wicked, and The Naughty.

It invites the devil to come out to play, where we can engage in our uninhibited inhibitions. For many of us, this is a time to enjoy the darker and naughtier sides of life if even for a little while…

Yet, many of us can often become carried away with our fantasies, hence Fantasy Bonding. Fantasies may offer intoxicating alternative adventures that can allow us to escape from the boring humdrums of life. But it is important to remember that although we can enjoy the allure of fantasies, we cannot allow them to set our expectations for pleasure and disappointment when things do not go as planned.

All too often, when couples are trying to reignite The Spark, they start with lavish fantasies that are unlikely to be achieved the first time around, especially after a long absence. When these fantasies are not automatically achieved, people can feel a mixture of resentment, confusion, anger, disappointment, shame, and even guilt. So, although these fantasies help entice us into the bedroom, they can often backfire and then end up deteriorating from the bedroom.

It is important for couples to set small tantalizing and achievable goals that allow them to reignite.

Like most things in life, if we have not ridden a bike in a long time, we may not have forgotten how to ride but it is insanely more difficult than last time we rode the bike. It would be unreasonable to hop on the bike and then expect to race the Tour de France. After long periods away, it is important for couples to set small tantalizing and achievable goals that allow them to reignite Playfulness, Curiosity, Acceptance, and Sensualness back in the bedroom.

If we can learn to bond with even small achievements, we can lay the foundation for some of our most intense and wildest sexual fantasies.

Even though everyone always says the grass is greener on the other side, we know that the grass is always greener where you water it!

Come heal, grow and create together


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