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The Power of Energy in Relationships

Relationships carry their own energy, and that energy can be positive, life-affirming, and regenerative, or it can be negative, life dis-affirming, and draining.

Referring back to the experiment conducted and explained in my previous blog, it is noted that people develop energy. Sometimes we even refer to this as vibrating at a certain frequency, or frequency of consciousness. We even have other sayings and proverbs that refers to this phenomenon, such as, “you reap what you sow,” or, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” Well, relationships also carry their own energy, and that energy can be positive, life-affirming, and regenerative, or it can be negative, life-disaffirming, and draining.

It is no secret that relationships can often either bring out the best in us, or the worst in us.

Sometimes when we love each other so much, we can become super vulnerable and highly, highly sensitive to any perceived rejection or abandonment, feedback or comments, and can become mistrustful and suspicious. This occurs when we focus on fear, abandonment, and anxiety. Unfortunately, we often get what we focus on, which also works to our disadvantage.

When relationships focus on values such as consideration, acceptance, understanding, and appreciation, then we will start to create fun, positive energy in our relationships. This will increase feelings of desire, sensuality, commitment, and most of all trust. Relationships, like people, work best when the environment is stable. Focusing on positive values, creates a positive energy, creates stability, and everyone feels supported (this is largely because the brain works on expectation, and when reality meets expectations, brains are quite happy, but when reality does not meet expectations, the brain is quite unhappy, this is a blog for another day).

Reflect on your relationship and ask yourself what type of energy you bring into the relationship.

With the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day around the corner, I encourage everyone to reflect on their relationships and ask themselves what type of energy they bring into the relationship. Do we work together in the relationship? Do we work as a team? Do we support each other? And what happens when do we not work together, or work as a team, or support each other?

Predictability = Stability = Confidence!!! (And confidence is sexy!!!)

As we said on the farm, “if one horse can pull a hundred pounds, and another horse can pull hundred pounds, and how much can the team pull together?” Well, the answer is, it depends. If both horses work together, they can pull well over 300 pounds. However, if they work against each other, they can pull less than 75 pounds.

Come heal, grow and create together


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