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Using the Holidays to Reconnect

Winter & Mental Health

Reconnecting with family, especially after experiencing conflicts and hurt feelings, can be a daunting challenge. Several factors contribute to the difficulty of rebuilding these relationships, but there are also constructive ways to overcome these obstacles. I highly recommend to people that we make this holiday the time to reconnect with loved ones, heal old wounds, and plant new relationships into the new year.

The holidays are always a good time to reconnect.  A family sits at the dinner table connecting with people on a computer.

Reasons to Reconnect at Christmas

Frequent family conflicts or long-standing disagreements can leave emotional scars that make reconnection challenging. Feelings of anger, resentment, and pain can linger, making it challenging to initiate the process of healing. The fear of reigniting past arguments or enduring further hurt often leads to hesitation when trying to reconnect. There is also the lingering fear of repeated rejection if our attempts to reconnect are rebuffed.

To overcome these barriers, open and honest communication is essential. Apologizing for any wrongdoing or hurtful behavior is a crucial step. When apologizing, it's important to acknowledge the specific actions or words that caused the pain, express genuine remorse, and offer a sincere commitment to change. A heartfelt apology can be a powerful catalyst for mending relationships and fostering understanding.

Reconciliation may involve both parties taking responsibility for their actions and forgiving one another. By understanding that people make mistakes and that forgiveness is an essential part of the healing process, the path to reconnection becomes clearer. This forgiveness can help alleviate the weight of past conflicts, allowing for more genuine and constructive conversations. Everything is a team win and a team loss.

Once the process of reconciliation is underway, planning a special make-up dinner or outing can provide the perfect opportunity to bond and rebuild family ties. Choose a setting where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, and focus on positive interactions. Sharing a meal or participating in an enjoyable activity can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it easier to reconnect and reinforce the family bond.

It can be incredibly challenging to reconnect with family after conflicts and hurt feelings. However, these hurt feelings can make it that much more rewarding if we’re able to navigate the waters of reconciliation. The holidays are always a good time to reach out to someone that we have not talked to a long time, and see if a reconnection can be built.

Jessica Blake Registered Psychologist

At Blake Psychological, we are here to help you navigate the stress, strain and pressure of the holidays. It is never too early to start holiday shopping, practicing boundaries, setting limits, and saying No. Come heal, grow and create together

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