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Our Services

Blake Psychological Services Alberta Inc. was first established in 2014, under the name Jessica Blake Psychological Inc. With training, certifications, education, professional development and expanded services offered Jessica Blake Psychological Inc. has evolved into Blake Psychological Services Alberta Inc. (established in 2018).

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Individual Therapy is personalized and as unique as each client that comes through the door.  I work with children, adolescents, adults, and people like me, who just never want to grow up.

Given the rapid changes over the last 20 years, many parents feel overwhelmed and unable to meet their adolescents’ needs. In sessions, we establish a working dynamic with the young person and then pass that relationship on with the parent so they can continue to nurture and grow together while meeting their adolescent’s needs for growth.

Best way to a gain a full, complete understanding of someone’s cognitive functioning, academic achievement skills, and behavioural and emotional regulation.

Sex therapy is without a doubt, the most intimate form of counselling that brings any one into my office.  At Blake Psychological, you will be treated with kindness, compassion, empathy, and understanding.

The term "neurodivergent" refers to individuals whose neurological development and functioning are different from what is considered typical. It encompasses a variety of conditions related to mental processing, such as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and Tourette's syndrome, among others. People who are neurodivergent may experience differences in how they think, learn, process information, and interact with others compared to neurotypical individuals.

Psychology for kids is a unique experience where children are encouraged to play and explore their emotions in a safe environment. We then utilize the information provided from those sessions to help promote relationships with parents and give parents the tools and resources required to help meet their children's specific and individual needs.

All relationships are difficult in some form or another. Like all types of therapy, the lessons learned and behaviors changed will continue to serve each person for much longer than the therapy itself.

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